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Friendship is the Wind in Our Sails

friendship in Marriage

Friendship is the Wind in Our Sails Marriage thrives on friendship. The joy of sailing through life together. Yet most couples are not prepared for the reality that although 80% of the time you will have “smooth-sailing” — 20% of the time you will experience “rough seas.”  Watch this short video. Friendship helps you hold […]

Building Life-Giving Relationships #Linkup

Life-Giving Relationships

Life-Giving Relationships Last week my husband and I took a 5 day trip to the Houston area to celebrate 31 years of marriage. It fills up my love-tank when I spend time with my husband. I also found myself reflecting on the power of life-giving relationships. Life-Giving Relationships are positive and powerful and propel you […]

10 Ways to Love #LifeGivingLinkup

10 Ways to Love

10 Ways to Love Do you remember the zing of attraction you felt when your relationship with your spouse was brand new? Being in the same room brought both comfort and butterflies. You felt empowered by the looks of admiration. Chills ran down your spine when your hands brushed together as you walked or reached […]

Messy Marriage – Sue Detweiler #LifeGivingLinkup

Messy Marriage

Messy Marriage We live in an instragram world that wants to portray us as living lives of flawless perfection. Jesus steps into the clutter of our homes and our messy lives to offer us hope. Click To Tweet I was touched by the honest reflection of Darlene Schacht as she shares her heart and brokenness in […]

9 Words to say in healthy relationships (Linkup)

Healthy Relationships

9 Words to say in healthy relationships Do you think you are always right? I was in argument with my husband and I sensed that I shouldn’t say another word. But, I had 4 words that I wanted to say, to prove my point. You guessed it. These four words were the gasoline that took […]