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Faith Influencer, Bible Teacher, bestselling author

SUE DETWEILER is a faith influencer, bible teacher, author, speaker, and podcast host of Healing Rain on Charisima Podcast Network with over 25 years of experience in leadership, ministry and education.

15 Things to Give Up in the New Year

15 Things to Give Up in the New Year

15 Things to Give up in 2021 As we move into 2021, here are 15 Things to Give Up in the New Year.  If you give up these 15 things you will experience more joy and fulfillment than every before.  Take time to prayerfully reflect on letting these 15 things go forever....

5 Things your Single Friends Need from You

5 Things your Single Friends Need from You

Our culture, and the Christian subculture in particular, is couple's focused. [Tweet "Special occasions, like Valentine's Day, can feel isolating for those who don't have a spouse"].  Here are a few things you can do to encourage your single friends and family...

You are Invited to Lead Women Who Move Mountains Group

You are Invited to Lead Women Who Move Mountains Group

Lead Women Who Move Mountains Group You are invited to lead Women Who Move Mountains Group. You can make a difference in the lives of other women. You can help them move the mountains of fear, rejection, brokenness, shame, anxiety, sadness, perfectionism, timidity,...

Bold Perseverance

Bold Perseverance

Bold Perseverance Have you found yourself wavering over God's promise in your life? Do you have a bold dream but you are afraid to take a risk? Have you already stepped out in faith, but things aren't going according to plan and you feel like giving up? [Tweet "If you...

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A Wedding Miracle

A Wedding Miracle

A Wedding Miracle

Facing 3 surgeries, 8 months of chemo, and 6 weeks of radiation is an unlikely time to build a relationship with the love of your life. Yet, nothing is impossible with God.

Have you been at a wedding and found yourself crying at the beautiful and profound way that God brings a couple together? I was crying those sweet tears this weekend as I witnessed Reid and Amanda (Noelle Wilcox) Patterson join their lives in a covenant of marriage.

The high point for me in the service was when Amanda pulled out a letter she had written to her husband in April 2014. She didn’t meet Reid until a month later. She wrote her letter in faith and expectancy that God would bring her the man that she needed rather than the man she thought she wanted.

 Amanda surrendered to God her heart’s desire to be married. She put everything on the altar.

When Amanda wrote this letter in April, she didn’t know that she would meet her husband in a Juice bar in May. Neither of them knew that she would embark in a struggle against cancer, facing 3 surgeries and 8 months of chemo therapy and 6 weeks of radiation.  In the battle of her life, a knight-in-shining armor arose – Reid Patterson. Reid  was at her side during all the gross and difficult moments of this struggle.

Through the entire process, Amanda was a beacon of light and an encouragement to the medical community as well as the christian community who enjoyed Amanda’s talents as a vocalist and worship leader. As one of Amanda’s mentors, I saw her go deeper in her faith. Suffering made her more beautiful inside and out.

A Wedding MiracleLast month I had dinner with Amanda and Reid in what is now their first home as a couple. They radiated with the presence and the power of God. God not only healed Amanda so she is cancer free, but he brought them together as a husband and wife. It was so much fun to give them my new book on marriage, and pray for God’s continued blessing in their life.

A year ago Amanda was at the beginning of her fight against cancer, now she is on her honeymoon with the love of her life, cancer-free!

I Would love for you to get a copy of my book 9 Traits of a Life-Giving Marriage.

9 Traits of a Life-Giving Marriage

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Buy a copy for yourself today, and an extra one to give as a Christmas Gift. This book will help you build a marriage that lasts. Invest in your marriage. No matter where your relationship is presently, this book will encourage and strengthen you to make it better, with God’s help!

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About The Author

SUE DETWEILER is a mother of six, author, speaker, podcast host of Healing Rain, and faith influencer with over 25 years of experience in leadership, ministry and education. Sue and her husband Wayne lead a nonprofit called Life Bridge Today and attend Upperroom Dallas.

Sue Detweiler author, speaker, coach, pastor

About Sue Detweiler

Sue Detweiler is a wife, mother of six, author, and pastor with more than twenty-five years of experience in marriage, ministry, and education. She is also a popular speaker who shares her heart and wisdom internationally on issues related to marriage, family, women, prayer, leadership, and ministry.
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Sue is a very perceptive coach who empowers you live out your God-given dream. She is an empathetic listener who is transparent about her own mistakes as a wife, mother, and leader. She walks with you as you answer God’s call on your life. Her special focuses in life coaching include marriage, family, and leadershipClick Here to find out more about upcoming coaching events

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Sue Detweiler is a gifted Bible teacher and speaker at churches and conferences. She is a prophetic encourager and compassionate communicator who articulates profound truths in simple and relatable ways. Sue and her husband Wayne Detweiler have planted southeast of Dallas Texas Click Here to invite Sue to Speak