Replacing Your Anger with God’s Love

We have all messed up as moms. We have all blown it. Part of our growth and healing is admitting our mistakes and asking God to infuse us with His life to become a better mom.

In this video, I share an example of when I blew it as a mom.

Learning to Overcome Anger with God’s Love

Every Life-Giving mom knows she needs to walk in love for her child. How do we turn our angry emotions into a life-giving force? As a mom, how can I be angry and not sin against my children? It is helpful to begin to memorize what God’s Word says about anger. These verses are helpful to keep in mind.

“And ‘don’t sin by letting anger control you.’

Don’t let the sun go down while you are still angry, 

For anger gives a foothold to the devil.” 

Ephesians 4:26-27, nlT

When you or I become angry we give a foothold to the devil. When I walk in unrestrained anger I might as well open the doors to my home and say, “Devil, come on in and torture my children.” The presence of evil invades our homes when we don’t resolve our anger.

Learning to walk in God’s love is a moment-by-moment decision of my heart to let go of my selfishness and embrace God’s sacrifice.

 A Prayer for God’s Love

Reflection Questions

1. How was anger expressed in your home when you were growing up? Was there someone who tended to be an “exploder”? Was there a member of your family who gave the “silent treatment”? How did you deal with your anger in your family of origin?

2. I shared openly about my own struggle with my negative thought patterns that led to angry outbursts. The enemy often puts thoughts in our mind that lead us toward conflict and resentment. Because Jesus has given us the “mind of christ,” we are able to replace ungodly thoughts and beliefs with statements of truth. Here is an example of replacing an ungodly thought with a godly thought:

Ungodly Thought                                             Godly Thought

I’m the worst mom in the world ……………I am becoming a better mom

I always blow it ……………………………… I can do all things through Christ

I can’t help it …………………………………..I can choose to love

God doesn’t hear me ………………………….God hears my cry


What are your ungodly thoughts? name a godly thought.

3. Without faith it is impossible to please god (Hebrews 11:6). Write down specific declarations about your calling as a mom. after writing each statement down, read them out loud in faith.

• I will walk in love as a mom.
• I am forgiven for my past sins.
• I am free from resentment and bitterness.
• I can enjoy my children and not be irritated or annoyed.

Group Discussion

How do you personally deal with anger? Do you tend to hold your anger in and deal with resentment? Do you let your anger out and struggle with outbursts? How has this impacted your relationships in your home?

How can we pray for you?