Replacing Frustration with God’s Patience

Being a mom can vacillate between the sweetness of hugs and kisses to feeling like you are in jail. Taking care of children at home may have meant that you gave up your job and income. as moms we have less time, less money, and often less encouragement. if you are like me, your face hasn’t had make-up on it in days. in the early days of motherhood you are lucky if you get a shower. You have to lock the door to go to the bathroom alone.

Feeling trapped often prompts us to blame someone else for our plight. You may blame your kids.
You may blame your husband, who gets to go to work every day. Or if your husband stays home, you may still blame him because you have to work. You think back to when you had prayed for a child. You asked God for this. Ugh! If you had only known about the constant frustrations.

Overcoming Frustration

A Call to Character

Character is developed through an intimate walk with God. As moms we need to learn to walk with God in a new way. Before you had children you could get up and work-out, or take a walk whenever you wanted to. You could reflect and get your mind together before anyone demanded something from you. You had time to pray and read your Bible. You had the freedom to spend time with your husband or friends. As a mom you no longer have the same freedom. You are on call 24/7. What is the new normal for you? What is the new way for you to live a balanced life? Is it possible to have balance and have children?

Learning Patience

Sometimes it is the simplest of things that restore peace and order to a mom’s perspective: a warm shower and a good meal; a loving adult conversation; a pedicure or a shopping trip; a night out with someone you love. The wonder of enjoying positive, upbuilding, gratifying life experiences will lift anyone’s mood.

Patience provides an opportunity to slow down and enjoy your everyday life. Patience laughs at your mom-moments. Patience allows you and your child to grow in the pace of grace.

Patience is enjoying your child and not letting the “work” of life get in your way of fun. Patience is valuing each child as precious in god’s sight and priceless to you. Patience recognizes the time needed for a deeply wounded child to find safety in the arms of a parent. Patience trusts god with the result of the time spent and the seeds sown.

Patience is the Fruit of the Holy Spirit

Replacing Frustration

A Prayer for Patience

 A Prayer for Patience


A Prayer for Patience