Sadness is emotional pain characterized by the feeling of loss, despair, or helplessness.

Have you ever woken up and just felt down? it takes effort to get out of bed. When you look at your day, does it feel monotonous and mundane?

Sadness is the feeling of gloom, melancholy, and the blues. Traumatic events such as a miscarriage or delivering a stillborn baby can plunge a mom into depression. You may have held your own daughter in your arms as her life drained from her body. You may struggle with a child who has autism. You may be the mom of a defiant, rebellious teenager.

I share a brief reflection of a time I felt loss and sorrow in this video.

Jesus knew joy awaited Him. You are destined for that same joy. Deep, satisfying, fulfilling joy designed by god is the culmination of your journey. But you don’t have to wait for it. it is also a fuel. Joy neutralizes restless discontent and energizes purposeful pursuit—and it’s yours now.

Nothing can steal the joy that comes from God. Here is a prayer for joy.


Sadness replaced with joy The joy of the lord is the strength of every life-giving mom. Replace your sadness with His joy! Joy is the life-giving, hope-filling, peace-making presence of god. our joy is ultimately found in our relationship with God. He is the only one who truly satisfies. He is the one who can make your soul content.

Put your hope in God today. He is your joy and delight.