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Refreshed by God’s Presence

Aren’t you glad that the meaning of your life is not measured by the sum total of the mundane moments of your days. All of us need a fresh experience of God’s presence in the midst of our ordinary hectic lives. In the blaze of the summer heat we need the cool breeze that comes […]

Eternal Trust

Do you ever feel like you’re getting tired or winded? This life giving journey that we are on is not a short sprint.  It is a lifetime marathon.  We gain greater and greater stamina from the storms that we endure.  When you think that you can’t get threw something trust in God’s strength. Replace your […]

Better Together

Do you ever have power struggles? Intimacy flourishes in an environment of love and respect.  It shrinks in a power struggle.  Intimacy so values what the other person brings to the relationship that each friend is willing to yield.  For true intimacy each of us needs God’s perspective to see our friend as God made […]

Overcome Negative Thinking

Has your mind ever gone around and around with negative thinking? All of us can get stuck in stinkin’ thinking and it just leads into a downward spiral of broken relationships. The next time you enter into a disagreement take charge of your thoughts. Instead of thinking, “he never understands me” or “she never really […]


Do you want to be promoted? Humility is the foundation of all virtue.  God’s ways are higher than the worlds ways.  Our American culture encourages you to strive to get ahead.  It doesn’t seem to matter who you crawl over to get to the top. The claim to fame can be littered with end world […]

Living For Christ

Do you want to know a secret about living for Christ? Dying to self means living for Christ.  After we go through that dying process things are actually easier. We don’t feel hurt when we are overlooked and we are secure in God’s love without the need for public recognition. There are things in life […]

Maker of Heaven and Earth

HE’S THE MAKER OF HEAVEN AND EARTH! We overcome fear when we understand that God is in control. We can’t manipulate our way into our destiny. We need to trust God completely, For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give […]