Healing Rain: Immersing Yourself in Christ’s Love to Find Wholeness of Mind, Body, and Heart (Chosen Books, July 2023)

EXPERIENCE THE HEALING RAIN OF HIS PRESENCE. Jesus wants to heal every area of your life! Jesus came to destroy the works of the enemy and give you an abundant life. He’s made provision for your complete healing so you could find wholeness of Mind, Body, and Heart.

Healing Rain will soak you with His presence and help you: 

o  Open pathways to spiritual encounters with Jesus.

o  Reveal the power of His blood to heal every area of your life.

o  Replace destructive thoughts with a purposeful mind.

o  Overcome emotional trauma and bitterness.

o  Remove obstacles to your complete healing

Activate your faith to receive complete wholeness from Jesus.

Bonus: Watch to the full interviews that are a part of the upcoming book:

Week 1: Embracing your First Love with Dana Candler

Week 2: Dreaming with God with Heidi Mortenson

Week 3: Embracing Healing with Sherry Stahl