Fear Comes in All Shapes and Sizes

Fear is one of the most negative human emotions with many forms: anxiety, dread, doubt, uncertainty, and insecurity, just to name a few. Sometimes it shows up in a racing heart and sweat palms when you think a burglar is in the house. Other times, fear is hidden in caution—because it’s only a figment of our imaginations, of what could happen.

When does fear plague you the most? Does it attack you in the middle of the night when you are all alone? Does it sneak up on you in a crowd of people? Everyone experiences fear. Sometimes it means waking up to your worst, like when I woke up in the middle of a house fire.

Fear Squelches Dreams

Like pouring water on a fire, fear squelches dreams. I wouldn’t have admitted to you or myself that I was paralyzed from moving forward. I just found myself dreaming at night.

 Fear is Paralyzing

Fear can paralyze you from attempting to do what you feel called to. Fear stunts your growth and denies you God’s promised inheritance.

Alone in my sleep, I could admit that it was time to move into a new season. It was time to face my fears and follow god’s promptings. I could trust in God’s faithfulness.

Faithfulness is…

Replacing Fear with Faithfulness


A Prayer for Faithfulness

As a mom, the way to replace your fear is to embrace God’s faithfulness through the power of the Holy Spirit. Your life is not based on what you can do in your own strength. it is not based on what you can accomplish.

In this world you will face fear, but you don’t have to face it alone. You have the power of the Holy Spirit to clothe you with wisdom, direction, and boldness. Time after time in my own dark hour of my soul, when life looks pitch black, a hymn of hope will rise up in my heart and come out of my mouth in the song, “great is Thy faithfulness.” Replace your fear with God’s Faithfulness.

Replacing Fear with God's Faithfulness