The Perfect Storm: 7 Medical Factors that Impact Weight Gain

I was hit by a “Perfect Storm” of a rare combination of adverse health factors during the past 5 years. Have you struggled with any of these medical factors that can cause weight gain?


Before Weight Gain

When I left 5 years ago for Brazil to adopt our sons, I was in great shape. I ran 25 miles a week and lifted weights 3 times a week and worked with a great trainer Angie Kirk. I weighed 125 pounds and my jeans fit great. Today, I still exercise 6 days a week and eat a healthier diet than before, I am now 185 pounds. What happened?

I experienced a “Perfect Storm” from a rare combination of adverse health factors hitting me all at once. Have you struggled with any of these medical factors that impact weight gain?

The Power of CHOICE

God has given each one of us CHOICE. The problem is that often we are tempted to control others rather than allow them the freedom of choice that God Himself has given each one of us. Freedom is an essential element to our spiritual, emotional and physical health. God’s WORD assures us:

“For the Lord is the Spirit, and wherever the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.” 2 Corinthians 3:17

So let’s be honest. Are you tempted to be a control freak? Are you tempted to get in the middle of situations and “play God?” Do you try to “fix” everyone. Or do you put your trust in God?

God has created each one of us with the Freedom of Choice. He could control every choice that we make, but He chose not to. Even when we are making poor choices, He doesn’t take over. He lets each of us as His dearly loved children suffer the consequences of our poor choices. He surrounds us with opportunities each day for a new start.

The next time you think about being a control freak, think about how Jesus paid the price for you to be free. He has chosen to love you enough to set you free. So it’s your turn. Love others enough to set them free of your expectation. Let them be free to be who God has uniquely made them to be!

Enjoy these quotes:

“People are born to be free; it’s a gift from God. We’re not to be free from responsibility, but free to be led by the Holy Spirit.” –Joyce Meyer

“In almost everything that touches our everyday life on earth, God is pleased when we’re pleased. He wills that we be as free as birds to soar and sing our maker’s praise without anxiety.” A.W. Tozer



A Plentiful Harvest

Daily Devotions for Women

Harvest time…Are you ready?

Do you sometimes feel frustrated by the difficult things you face in life?

Jesus said “Unless a kernel of wheat is planted in the soil and dies, it remains alone. But its death will produce … a plentiful harvest of new lives.” (John 12:24).

Sometimes we can feel like we are “dying” as we go through humbling circumstances. The truth is as we lay down our lives for others, we are like that seed that only brings forth new life after it is buried in the ground.

Today, Don’t be discouraged by your circumstances. Trust God to bring new life.


 Daily Devotions for Women

Read: John 12:22-24

Pray: For a plentiful harvest in your life and those around you.

Meditate: “Unless a kernel of wheat is planted in the soil and dies, it remains alone. But its death will produce … a plentiful harvest of new lives.” (John 12:24).


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Sue Detweiler


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Strongholds of the Mind

“We are human, but we don’t wage war as humans do. We use God’s mighty weapons, not worldly weapons, to knock down the strongholds of human reasoning and to destroy false arguments. We destroy every proud obstacle that keeps people from knowing God. We capture their rebellious thoughts and teach them to obey Christ.” 2 Corinthians 10:3-5 NLT

Do you sometimes feel like there is a battle in your mind?  Is it a stronghold?

Pride keeps you and I from truly knowing God. Rebellious thoughts are like roadblocks to walking closely with God. These strongholds of the mind set up a prison of selfishness that prevent us from seeing clearly. The most direct route to freedom is to knock down these strongholds with the truth of God’s word. We combat pride with humility. We knock down selfishness with servanthood. We pull down greed with generosity. Actively choose to think the way that God thinks and you will be truly free.


So Let God Work His Will in You

God's Will

God's Will
Do you want to be truly free?  Try God’s will.

James 4:7-10 in MESSAGE Bible says, “So let God work his will in you. Yell a loud no to the Devil and watch him scamper. Say a quiet yes to God and he’ll be there in no time. Quit dabbling in sin. Purify your inner life. Quit playing the field. Hit bottom, and cry your eyes out. The fun and games are over. Get serious, really serious. Get down on your knees before the Master; it’s the only way you’ll get on your feet.”

Let God work His will in your life.