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Go to the Other Side

Have you ever been stuck in the middle of a storm? Jesus was completely at peace and relaxed in the same storm where the disciples were horrified. Our perspective needs to shift off of the waves of our lives and onto the words of Jesus. When you are in the middle of a painful situation, […]

Desperation is a Driving Force for Change

What helps you find real and lasting change in your life? Desperation is a driving force for change in my life. It is during the pressure cooker seasons in my life when I find out the areas of weakness and vulnerability. Pressure cookers are known for being hot, dangerous and able to blow the lid. […]

We All Need Friends

Do you ever get tired of how fake people seem to be? We all need friends.  Not the kind of friends who have it all together in their Instagram perfect homes. No we need friends who will be honest with their own struggles, friends who accept you for who you are. They even enjoy your quirkiness. […]

Make a Friend

make a friend

Make a Friend Have you every walked in a room and not known anyone there? It can be difficult to build relationships especially when it feels like everyone knows each other and you’re the new kid on the block.  It’s in those moments that you and I need to know that we can throw our […]

Big Plan for Your Life

Big plans for your life

Have you ever felt small and insignificant? After years of being in Nashville, TN we recently moved north of Dallas to plant a church.  That’s right we moved to the big state of Texas where everything is big. So, I must admit I’ve had moments where I felt very small.  I needed to get God’s […]