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God’s Promise for the Daily Life of a Mom


by SueDetweiler Hoping that God’s promise would be real in my daily life, I was in a battle. Every mom that I know desires to be the best mom in world, but often she feels like the worst. I remember one of my worst “mom-moments.” I was driving to a Saturday night worship service rehearsing […]

3 Ground Rules for Life-Giving Moms

Life-Giving Mom

When my four daughters were younger, I made up a cheer that we would recite at different times: “Two, four, six, eight… Who do you appreciate? Momma! Momma! She’s so great!” Of course, we would cheer for different children by name. I had my own cheerleaders who gave hugs, kisses, and smiles. Back then, I […]

7 Ways that Imperfect Families Celebrate a Perfect God on Christmas

Celebrate Perfect God

Have you every spent so much time trying to capture the perfect photo that you miss the moment? No matter how the picture looks, there are no perfect families. This Christmas don’t be distracted by your imperfections. Instead celebrate the One Perfect God who came to earth as a baby boy.