It’s Spring! It’s time to celebrate spring and the uniqueness of God’s creation. So take a moment right now and brush off any winter blues and fully embrace the new season ahead of you.

Here are 3 ways to enjoy Spring:

1. Kick off your shoes and walk in the grass

For too long your feet have been constrained by shoe leather. Put on your sandals or go barefoot. If you are a woman pull out your nail polish and enter into a time of year when your feet become a fashion accessory. If you are a man, just enjoy the freedom that Spring brings to explore the new path ahead of you without being constrained.

2. Stop working and look up at the sky and enjoy the birds.

There is a reason that schools have a “Spring Break.” It’s to help parents stop getting so engrossed in work so they can comprehend their surroundings. So, take a break from work and look up. If you are like my husband Wayne, you will pull out your binoculars and begin to watch the different birds enjoying the season. Take time to be together as a family.

3. Take a break and smell the flowers.

God is so creative. He didn’t just create one kind of flower in one color that only blooms once. No! Our creator chose to make different flowers in different colors and scents to bring you joy! He wanted you to see the uniqueness of His design. He is the master designer and YOU are His masterpiece! You are so unique, special and one of a kind — that you just need to give a shout out of enjoyment! ¬†Yes, you can have fun in this world which was created just for you.

Enjoy Spring and celebrate the ONE who created it just for you!