One of your most valuable treasures is your destiny. You have been created to be an epic hero in a history-making journey called “life.”  We all need to avoid the 4 Robbers that want to steal your destiny from you.

We watched a movie called The Lightning Thief. In this modern day account of Greek mythology, Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon begins a quest for his destiny. As we watched this “epic story” it made me think of what each one of us face in our journey to discover our own life purpose.

Percy and his traveling companions walk into a Las Vegas Casino on a specific mission. But when they arrive, they eat a “Lotus Flower,” the casino’s signature dish. Immediately, they start to laugh as they look around, and in 30 seconds they have forgotten their mission, and decide to have fun and enjoy themselves.

This Greek myth caused me to reflect on 4 Destiny-Robbers to Avoid:

1. Avoid having your senses dulled by narcotic distractions.

The narcotic effect of the delicious flower dulled their senses and kept them captive in the casino. Just as Percy is about to eat another flower, he hears his father’s voice warning him not to eat another flower and to wake up and remember his mission.

You can’t afford to be drugged by earthly pleasures. In order for your destiny to be fulfilled, you must wake up to your mission.

2. Avoid being distracted from your mission.

When he finally woke up and saw what was happening, he had to drag his friends Annabeth and Grover away from the party to continue their quest. When they looked at the calendar, they had lost five days and were dangerously close to missing their deadline with destiny.

If you get distracted from the primary purpose in your life, you won’t fulfill your destiny in Christ. You must stay focused!

3. Avoid being a lone ranger.

No one of us is as gifted as all of us. God is moving in a power-packed way to redeem humanity. You have an important part to play – but so does your neighbor. In order for you to be fully moving in agreement with God’s plans for your life, you must have others to help keep you accountable.

What are the distractions of the world that lull your senses and keep you from fulfilling your mission? For each of us, we must give an account of how we chose to steward our time, our talents, and our treasure.

4. Avoid wasting time.

As a parent, all you need to do is blink your eyes and your toddler has turned into a teenager. Time moves rapidly and you can not afford any wasted days.

When I think about my adult daughters, it was just yesterday that that they were little girls dancing and twirling through life. The questions come to my mind: Did I pour into them all that they need for the challenges ahead? Did I get side-tracked with unimportant things and miss precious and priceless moments of their childhood? Then I remind myself, each one of my children are on journey’s too. Each one of them have choices.

God is in the details of our lives. Each choice matters.  Our own journey impacts those who follow us. So let’s live heroic lives.

I am challenged to make the most of each day before me. My senses need to be awakened to the Spirit of God to lead me and guide me to live my life as an epic story for His glory.

Question Mark What are some “Destiny Robbers” that you face?