Adoption is NOT an easy call to answer. Adoption is costly. So how does a father and mother who already have 4 children overcome their internal objections in order to answer God’s call on their lives as a family?

God puts the lonely in families - He uses adoption

God puts the lonely in families – He uses adoption




Tears stream down my cheeks as I pondered the surprising new impression…We already had 4 beautiful daughters.

We had never talked about the idea of adopting. But here I was contemplating this radical, life-changing, costly proposition.

Both my husband and I were on the same pastoral team when a guest speaker was sharing with all of the pastors. As a 50 year old man, he and his wife adopted a beautiful girl. He talked about the spirit of adoption in the early church.







Early Christians were known for adoption. In ancient Rome unwanted babies would be thrown into the garbage dump and Christians would rescue them for exposure. If a child was male, the parents would more likely let him live, if it was female they would “expose it” to the elements.  Christians would wait in boats watching for babies to be dropped into the cold river.  They rescued the infants and those who survived were adopted and given a loving home. As the centuries past, Christians became known for adoption. Unwanted babies would be left in a basket on the steps to a church.

As I pondered how the early church was committed to adoption, I was cut to the heart emotionally. I began to go white as the immense need for moms and dads to open their hearts and homes to adopt children.  Later that evening as my husband and I talked about the compelling call he shared with me that this was the third time he felt nudging his heart. He had heard speakers reference an organic movement as many sensed God calling them to bring the lonely into families.

We began to pray, seek counsel, and ponder if God was calling us to adopt…

to be continued…