You don’t have to stay out in the cold looking in. You can come join the party. Your Father is watching and waiting ready to welcome you and those you love home. He has a gift for you this Christmas. You can unwrap your gift of Freedom. Freedom is a Gift that you don’t want to leave wrapped under your Christmas Tree. Freedom is our birthright as children of God.
1. We are free from sin
2. We are free from religion
3. We are free from condemnation

No one can steal our freedom — so don’t allow yourself to be bound…

If you are desiring freedom today — remember it is not man that frees you. Jesus is the truth. His truth makes you free (John 8:32)

Walking, talking, living at home in Jesus’ love will set you free. You will get to know Him and His ways.His goodness will lead you to repentance and you will have the #bestfriend ever- Jesus! (John 15 & Romans 2:4)…

Share this freedom with others. Introduce them to Jesus. Allow the Holy Spirit to lead, guide and convict them of sin (John 16:7-9) You don’t have to “fix” your friends or family.

Trust that the same ONE that set you free will free them! HIS love never fails – He never gives up! So don’t give up! He welcomes the prodigals home (Luke 15), puts a ring on their finger, a robe on their shoulders, sandals on their feet and throws them a party.

It’s only the older brother that accuses the returning brother and is angry with the father’s actions. In pride, he stomps around and points to his own righteous actions of serving his father. Bound by entitlement and jealousy it is the older brother who stays out of the celebration. He is a religious prodigal. He is right in his own sight, but distanced from the Father.

In this season of celebration – don’t get left out in the cold. Come home to the welcoming father. If you are the prodigal who left home and wasted your life – know that He is watching and waiting for you. He running towards you. He is ready to welcome you home.

If you are the religious prodigal, you may be angry at the father for sharing His blessing with your returning brother. Your homecoming is harder. You need to change your perspective or repent. Allow Jesus, the only perfect ONE to help you to get the log of pharisaical pride out of your eye before you try to get the speck out of your brother’s eye (Matthew 7).

Know that the Father is waiting to welcome you home too. Everything He has is yours. He will throw you a party. You can stop struggling and straining in the field. Come Join the Party!