In our spiritual journey, there are times when we are called to pause, to rest, and to allow the Lord to renew us. This call is embodied in the acronym R.E.S.T., which stands for Revive, Expectancy, Surrender, and Trust.

Listen to the story of Dana Chandler, a senior leader at the International House of Prayer (IHOP) in Kansas City. God restored Dana’s first love:

Jesus Restores Your First Love through REST

God gave me this acronym to remember to embrace Sabbath Rest in my life: R.E.S.T.

1. Revive: Re-energize your relationship with God. Connect with Him through prayer, reading the Bible, or worship. Seek activities that refresh your soul and draw you closer to Him—taking a walk in nature, listening to worship music, or engaging in a creative act of worship.

2. Expectancy: Live with the belief that God is working in your life, even when you can’t see it. Start each day with a prayer of expectancy, asking God to show His presence in your life. Look out for His hand in the little things—a kind word from a stranger, a beautiful sunset, an answered prayer—and take time each day to thank Him for His faithfulness.

3. Surrender: Give God control over every part of your life, trusting that His plans are better than yours. This can be done through daily surrender prayers, where you consciously hand over your worries, fears, and plans to Him. When you find yourself feeling anxious or trying to control a situation, take a moment to pray and surrender it to God.

4. Trust: Grow your trust by reminding yourself of God’s faithfulness in the past. Keep a journal of answered prayers or blessings you’ve received, and refer to it when you’re struggling to trust. Pray for increased faith, and spend time reading Bible verses about trust and God’s faithfulness.

Discover REST through Healing Rain!

Remember, the call is to receive the gift of rest and renew your first love. Rest signifies that Jesus won back our eternal joy and healed us of our broken hearts.

In the journey towards healing and rest, are you ready to immerse yourself in Christ’s love and find wholeness of mind, body, and heart? Embrace R.E.S.T. today. Revive your spirit, Expect the Lord’s goodness, Surrender your worries, and Trust in His love.

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