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Selfless Love

selfless love

by Sue Detweiler The Selfless Love of God  The fruit of love gives selflessly and freely. It is a good-natured love that seeks the greater good. In Scripture the Greek word agape refers to a sacrificial love, the kind demonstrated by Jesus’ death on the cross.

Overcome Anger: Learn to Walk in Love

Walk in love

by Sue Detweiler Learning to Walk in Love Every Life-Giving Mom knows she needs to walk in love for her child. How do we turn our angry emotions into a life-giving force? As a mom, how can I be angry and not sin against my children? It is helpful to begin to memorize what God’s […]

The Battle Within: Overcoming Negative Thoughts and Emotions

The Battle Within

by Sue Detweiler The Battle for your Thoughts and Emotions If you were to write about your most raw moment of unguarded thoughts, how would you feel? Exposed? Vulnerable? Insecure? It is our thought lives that lead to our irrational feelings. Most of the time we do not talk about our thought lives. We don’t […]

God’s Promise for the Daily Life of a Mom


by SueDetweiler Hoping that God’s promise would be real in my daily life, I was in a battle. Every mom that I know desires to be the best mom in world, but often she feels like the worst. I remember one of my worst “mom-moments.” I was driving to a Saturday night worship service rehearsing […]