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Become a Woman Who Moves Mountains

Become a Woman Who Moves Mountains

Become a Woman Who Moves Mountains Are you a woman who wants to improve your prayer life? Do you want to overcome obstacles and make them into opportunities? I love how God heals our hurt and helps us to become more like Him. He often does this through prayer.  Become a woman who moves mountains […]

Transformation: Forming New Wings to Fly

Transformation Takes Time Have you ever felt stuck in where you are now and where you want to be? When it is time for the caterpillar to become a butterfly, it makes a hole in it’s cocoon. It will then struggle for hours to get it’s body through the tiny opening. One day a farmer […]

Watch Your Words – Sue Detweiler #LifeGivingLinkup

Life-Giving Linkup

Watch Your Words Do you find yourself having trouble blurting things out of your mouth? Here are a Few Tweets about Watching Your Words Your mouth is your rudder on the ship of your life. Click To Tweet If you aimlessly sail through life saying anything that is on your mind you are headed for […]

Inspirational Quotes – Love Never Fails

Inspirational Quotes

Day 4 Inspirational Quotes A Life-Giving Mom rejoices in truth. She never gives up. 
She never loses faith. She is always full of hope. She endures through every circumstance. Her love never fails when it is anchored in the Life-Giving, Love-Extending Power of God. Learning Endurance With the help of God and by the grace […]