Mother of the Bride – How to Survive 2 Weddings in 6 Weeks

by Sue Detweiler

Mother of Bride

How To Be the “Mother of the Bride” Twice in 6 Weeks…

This morning my mom who is 77-years-old ran through the house shouting “Wedding Bells are Ringing! Wedding Bells are Ringing!”  We all laughed and gathered around the see the table setting that Rachel has prepared for her wedding reception that will take place in 3 days. 

3 Ways to Celebrate Spring!

It’s Spring! It’s time to celebrate spring and the uniqueness of God’s creation. So take a moment right now and brush off any winter blues and fully embrace the new season ahead of you.

You are a masterpiece

Here are 3 ways to enjoy Spring:

1. Kick off your shoes and walk in the grass

For too long your feet have been constrained by shoe leather. Put on your sandals or go barefoot. If you are a woman pull out your nail polish and enter into a time of year when your feet become a fashion accessory. If you are a man, just enjoy the freedom that Spring brings to explore the new path ahead of you without being constrained.