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Every Life-Giving Mom Needs to “Come Towards the Light”


by Sue Detweiler Every Life-Giving Mom needs help. My baby was only 5 weeks old when I was in a desperate situation… “Get my baby out!” I screamed with a raspy voice. My desperate pleas for help were barely heard. Smoke filled the room as the cries of my newborn awakened me into a living […]

3 Ground Rules for Life-Giving Moms

Life-Giving Mom

When my four daughters were younger, I made up a cheer that we would recite at different times: “Two, four, six, eight… Who do you appreciate? Momma! Momma! She’s so great!” Of course, we would cheer for different children by name. I had my own cheerleaders who gave hugs, kisses, and smiles. Back then, I […]