by Sue Detweiler

Every Life-Giving Mom needs help. My baby was only 5 weeks old when I was in a desperate situation…

“Get my baby out!” I screamed with a raspy voice. My desperate pleas for help were barely heard. Smoke filled the room as the cries of my newborn awakened me into a living nightmare. The house was on fire, and I couldn’t get out.

As a young girl, my mind would wonder, “What would I do if my house caught on fire?” Then I would create a very clear, levelheaded plan. However, smoke inhalation disorients your brain.

The sounds of my precious five-week-old daughter’s wails pierced my sleep. Walking to her bedroom in the dark, half-asleep, to feed her every night had never been a problem. Now, suddenly I was lost and couldn’t find her doorway. I clawed at the clothes in my closet trying to find my way out. Then, stumbling in the other direction, I felt the windowpane. It wasn’t until I opened the window and looked out that I realized my house was on fire.

I tried to scream for help, but no one could hear my cries. I collapsed. In desperation I prayed the prayer everyone prays when they think they are about to die—“Help!”

My daughter and I would have died that night if my husband hadn’t gotten home in time. Imagine his horror when he rounded the corner and could see the sky lit up by orange flames. Cars and people filled our street, watching in horror. The home next to us, which was under construction, had already burned to the ground. A home on the other side stood engulfed in a raging inferno. The family of four stood huddled together, watching all of their belongings turn to ash.

There was only one fire truck on the scene. The other fire trucks sat motionless, waiting for a passing train. My husband grabbed the arm of the fireman. Frantically he asked, “Did you get my wife and baby out?”

The fireman dropped the hose and together they ran to the front door. The neighbors had assumed we were still on vacation. They didn’t realize we were trapped inside. When I heard someone coming into our home, I began to scream hysterically, “Get my baby out!”

I don’t remember what the fireman who saved my life looked like that night. I just remember him holding his flashlight up and saying, “Come toward the light.” I made my way toward what looked like a tiny pin-light in the smothering darkness. At last, I felt his arms as he led me out to safety (story to be continued).

Come Towards the Light

You may not have woken up to your house in flames and your child in danger, but you have needs. If you are transparent you don’t have it all together. Your life is not perfect. There may be some wonderful aspects to your life right now, but there are other areas that are just plain tough.

It’s when we come to the end of ourselves that we find God. He is the source of our life. He is the maker of heaven and earth. He created you in His image. He gave you life, breath, and purpose.

If you are trying to walk through life as a mom without the help of God you will be lonely, depressed, and overwhelmed. But if you are ready to find help, He is waiting to help you. He is ready to pour His life-giving, life-altering, life-changing power into you.

I would love to hear your story of when you came towards God’s light in a desperate situation.

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