by Sue Detweiler

A Life-Giving Mom Overcomes the Hard Situations.

Desperation is a driving force in our lives to seek change. It is during the pressure-cooker seasons in our lives when we find out our areas of weakness and vulnerability.

1. A Life-Giving Mom uses the pressure-cooker seasons to reevaluate.

Pressure-cookers are known for being hot, dangerous, and able to blow their lid. It’s the heat of life that shows the hidden fractures of our hearts. Your own areas of need can propel you toward getting help. As you learn new skills, you will become a better person as well as a better mom. The tough seasons in your life serve as heat propellant to help you want to change. Take time to reevaluate how you are going to approach life. Learn and grow in every season.

2. A Life-Giving Mom is a life-long learner.

Approach this journey with an open heart rather than a smug brain. Jesus said He came for the sick. It was the religious who thought they were holier than Jesus and crucified Him. They murdered the one who came to bring them life (See Matthew 27). Turn off your religious notions about who you should or shouldn’t be. Rather, come as you are. Shine the flashlight of God’s Word into the closets of your life and look freshly at replacing the old broken habits with brand-new life-strategies.

3. A Life-Giving Mom replaces life-destroying habits with life-sustaining actions.

You have the power of choice. The choices you make today will determine your destiny tomorrow. You have before you choices that bring life and choices that bring death (See Deuteronomy 30:19). Choose life.

One life-destroying habit that every mom needs to overcome is fear. Fear is debilitating. I have written an ebook to address this need. Sign up below to receive Fearless: 5 Promises for Every Day.