Rapid Response Team – Sharing Hope in Crises

Since 9/11 the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team has been sharing hope in times of crises. Volunteer chaplains are trained and deployed to fulfill God’s word in Psalm 147:3He heals the brokenheartedand bandages their wounds.” (NLT). The Rapid Response Chaplains are available early on to respond to the needs as they arise.

With hearts filled with compassion, the volunteer chaplains have been arriving on the scene since the disaster that shook our nation 9-11.

Ginger Sanders, the Chaplain Coordinator for the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team has seen God at work. In her book He Goes Before Us, Ginger shares 31 stories from the frontlines of natural and man-made disasters. Trained by the Billy Graham association, the chaplains are deployed at a moment’s notice when catastrophe strikes to give spiritual, emotional and physical care the the victims of crises.

“As we look back at all the times we have seen God working in so many different situations and in so many lives, we are reminded that nothing surprises God. He is prepared to meet every need in every situation.” reflected Ginger.

Ginger share stories of how she has seen God at work on The Inspiring Women Radio Show. If you would like to order Ginger’s book “He Goes Before You” or her children’s book about adoption called “Round Eyes” click the link here.

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Listen to Ginger on Monday Night, January 20 at 8pm at Inspiring Women Radio Show Call in at 8:30 pm at (323) 679-0977.



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3 thoughts on “Rapid Response Team – Sharing Hope in Crises

  1. Nothing surprises God, He has a Plan and the Rapid Response Team gives hope and encouragement in the midst of the storms in people’s lives. I would like to hear from people who have prayer needs or lives have been blessed.