Do You have The War Room in Your House?

The day that I fell on my face before God to cry out for transformation in my marriage, was the day I learned how to go to war for my marriage.  I went into the prayer room proud, thinking that I was in the right. I left the prayer room humbled, knowing that I needed to change in order for my marriage to change. You can read more here. Download Here

Learning to battle in prayer for your relationships can have a life-and-death impact. Many people talk about prayer and share prayer requests. Few people actually enter into The War Room on behalf of another. I was powerfully impacted by the moving The War Room.  Watch this trailer about the movie. Each one of us need to learn how to fight in prayer. The battle is won on our knees. Learning to pray strategically is a matter of life and death.   

What I Learned from The War Room

As I sat watching the movie, I found myself weeping through most of it. I knew that I was in the presence of God in that movie theatre. I was impacted by the struggle of the wife (played by Priscilla Shirer), to learn how to pray for her husband. She had every intention of praying, but she had to take away all the distractions to prayer. There is a scene where she is sitting in her prayer closet eating a bag of chips. Although it was a funny moment, all too often we lose the battle before we even start.  Since moving into our new home in Texas, I have struggled to find “my place” in prayer. In the past, I had exact places where I liked to pray and I could pray out-loud without distraction. Our Texas home has an open architecture where you can hear everything. My office no longer has a door on it. We also regularly have a full house. After watching the movie, I feel like I have a new strategy. I decided to pack up all my clothes, and just keep out the bare minimum of what I wear every day. I have the biggest closet that I have ever had in my life, so I was able to transform my closet into The WAR Room.  I purchased some white poster board from the grocery store. I plan on posting the following on my Prayer Wall:

  • Names of Family Members



  • Names of Leadership Team of Life Bridge Church



  • Names of People I Have Divine Appointments with


I also plan on listing all the goals I have for the year:

  • Personal Goals (like losing weight & working out)



  • Financial Goals (like harvesting funds to plant Life Bridge Church)



  • Outreach Goals (praying for the lost and seeing transformation in lives)



  • Professional Goals (launching a book & a podcast)


I also plan to list positive confessions to pray out-loud

  • Prayers for my husband ( I have written prayers in my book for marriages)



  • Prayers for my children (I have written prayers in my book for moms)



  • Positive Confessions (Scriptures that God has given me to believe Him in prayer)



Prayer is for All Ages

Sometimes we make prayer seem like a difficult exercise, but really it is just having an ongoing conversation with God. I find that I am attracted to how children are so easily able to enjoy God and invite Him into their everyday lives. When we were watching The War Room at the Theatre, I felt a little tug on my two and met 2 friends. I interviewed these 2 experts who gave their review of The War Room. Watch their short movie review:

Learn How to Fight for Your Marriage

Life-Giving MarriageThe war for our marriages is won on our knees. Power-filled, Life-Giving Marriages do not just happen, you have to fight for your marriage. This book will help you fight! You can read some about my story of going to The War Room in prayer in the first chapter of 9 Traits of a Life-Giving Marriage.  You can have instant access to the Introduction and first Chapter by clicking this button:Download Here

There are so many powerful Scriptures about learning to fight in prayer: