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Inspiring Women Interview with Susan Heid

The Confident Mom

Inspiring Women – “The Confident Mom” All moms have struggled at times with their own lack of confidence. You may have found yourself hesitant or unsure when faced with the unknowns of motherhood. Susan Heid has built an online community of moms who feel safe to be real with each other. I met Susan Heid […]

Inspiring Women Interview with Patrick & Angela Howell

Inspiring Women

Inspiring Women Interview: As a result of their journey together and individually, Patrick and Angela Howell are the founders of the new heart-seeking series A LIFE WORTH HAVING,  combining the best personal development techniques, healing practices and fulfillment strategies into one, life-changing program, where they also reveal their secrets to experiencing rewarding relationships. It is truly a BLUEPRINT FOR […]

My Big Bottom Blessing – Teasi Cannon

My Big Bottom blessing

I have enjoyed my friendship with Teasi Cannon, author of My Big Bottom Blessing: How Hating My Body Led to Loving My Life. Teasi brings out the truth that “Loving the girl in the mirror isn’t about changing how you look but allowing God to change how you see.”

Rapid Response Team – Sharing Hope in Crises

Since 9/11 the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team has been sharing hope in times of crises. Volunteer chaplains are trained and deployed to fulfill God’s word in Psalm 147:3 “He heals the brokenheartedand bandages their wounds.” (NLT). The Rapid Response Chaplains are available early on to respond to the needs as they arise.