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Inspiring Women Interview with Susan Heid

The Confident Mom

Inspiring Women – “The Confident Mom” All moms have struggled at times with their own lack of confidence. You may have found yourself hesitant or unsure when faced with the unknowns of motherhood. Susan Heid has built an online community of moms who feel safe to be real with each other. I met Susan Heid […]

Mother of the Bride – How to Survive 2 Weddings in 6 Weeks

Mother of Bride

by Sue Detweiler How To Be the “Mother of the Bride” Twice in 6 Weeks… This morning my mom who is 77-years-old ran through the house shouting “Wedding Bells are Ringing! Wedding Bells are Ringing!”  We all laughed and gathered around the see the table setting that Rachel has prepared for her wedding reception that […]

Selfless Love

selfless love

by Sue Detweiler The Selfless Love of God  The fruit of love gives selflessly and freely. It is a good-natured love that seeks the greater good. In Scripture the Greek word agape refers to a sacrificial love, the kind demonstrated by Jesus’ death on the cross.

God’s Promise for the Daily Life of a Mom


by SueDetweiler Hoping that God’s promise would be real in my daily life, I was in a battle. Every mom that I know desires to be the best mom in world, but often she feels like the worst. I remember one of my worst “mom-moments.” I was driving to a Saturday night worship service rehearsing […]

After the Fire – 5 Ways We Were Changed

After the fire

by Sue Detweiler The Morning After the Fire Miraculously, my 5-week-old daughter and I were saved from the fire. (Read about the fire here). We spent a long, weary night in the hospital as the doctors examined and treated my baby and me for smoke inhalation. In the early hours of the morning we called […]