by Sue Detweiler

There Is Enough Time…

As a mom of small children it can feel like time is slipping by. The day is filled with mundane tasks. You look up at the clock and you didn’t even take a shower. It is almost supper time.

Or you may be a super-organized-person. You wake up early and get things done! But you come to the end of the day and wonder, “Did I really connect with my child today at the heart?”

There Is Enough Time… To Do All God Has Called You To Do

When I was a young mom it seemed like the minute hand was spinning around the clock but I hadn’t accomplished my “to-do-list.”

That’s when I heard the whisper of God’s gentle spirit reminding me…

There is enough time in the day to do ALL that I have called you to do..

I simply had to stop and trust that God was leading me and guiding me. Sure, I had to cross things OFF my “to-do-list.” That’s true today with adult children….

This morning I had a lot to do but I started my day by taking my 18 year old daughter out for coffee before school and spending time with my 24 year old daughter that is getting married in 17 days…

Say to yourself “There is enough time to do ALL that God has called me to do!”

There Is Enough Time… To Walk in God’s Grace

Grace is God’s undeserved favor from God. God doesn’t just give you the task of being a mother, He gives you the empowering of His spirit to be a Life-Giving Mom.

God is both sovereign and personal. His grace is an empowering force. His presence enables you to be who He created you to be. It is by God’s grace that you are able to do what He has called you to do. As a Life-Giving Mom you must know that you can only parent through God’s divine enablement
The amazing promise that God gives every mom is that His grace is sufficient. His power works best in our weakness. We have all messed up as moms. We have all blown it.

With the help of God and by the grace of God you are able to be the best mom in the world for your children. As your children grow and develop, you have the opportunity to grow and develop as a parent.

So Trust in God right now! He is able to make you a great mom.

He won’t over-ride the choices of your children, but He will give you what you need every day. So turn to Him with an expectant heart. He will help you be a Life-Giving Mom.