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Inspirational Stories of Hope -Mercy House

Inspirational Stories of Hope: The light of this truth captivated me this morning: Immense in mercy with an incredible love, He embraced us. His mercy and love is immeasurable and unending. This love was beautifully shown in practical ways at last night’s benefit for Mercy House. The gathering was packed with graduates from Mercy House, […]

Inspirational Quotes – Love Never Fails

Inspirational Quotes

Day 4 Inspirational Quotes A Life-Giving Mom rejoices in truth. She never gives up. 
She never loses faith. She is always full of hope. She endures through every circumstance. Her love never fails when it is anchored in the Life-Giving, Love-Extending Power of God. Learning Endurance With the help of God and by the grace […]

Overcome Anger: Learn to Walk in Love

Walk in love

by Sue Detweiler Learning to Walk in Love Every Life-Giving Mom knows she needs to walk in love for her child. How do we turn our angry emotions into a life-giving force? As a mom, how can I be angry and not sin against my children? It is helpful to begin to memorize what God’s […]

3 Ways to Have Confident Faith

Confident faith moves mountains so that it can see the future. Each one of us can walk in a confidence that is God-given. There are 3 ways you can walk into the New Year boldly. 1. Confident Faith is anchored on God’s Word. Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it […]