Replacing Sadness with Joy

by Sue Detweiler

Sadness to joy

Sadness Is a Part of Our Lives

Within hours of receiving the phone call that my father only had weeks to live, I was on a plane heading to see him. Arriving at the hospital room, I laid my head on his chest. My quiet tears soaked his hospital gown. He patted my back and told me he loved me.

Selfless Love

by Sue Detweiler

selfless love

The Selfless Love of God

 The fruit of love gives selflessly and freely. It is a good-natured love that seeks the greater good. In Scripture the Greek word agape refers to a sacrificial love, the kind demonstrated by Jesus’ death on the cross.

After the Fire – 5 Ways We Were Changed

by Sue Detweiler

After the fire

The Morning After the Fire

Miraculously, my 5-week-old daughter and I were saved from the fire. (Read about the fire here). We spent a long, weary night in the hospital as the doctors examined and treated my baby and me for smoke inhalation. In the early hours of the morning we called my mom.

“Mom, we’re all right.” The long pause of silence was deafening.

Give Yourself a Break Today – Love Your Feelings

by Sue Detweiler
Do you love your feelings? If you are like most moms I know, we have a love-hate relationships with our feelings. Loving your feelings does not mean that you need to be controlled by your feelings. Not does it mean that you need to manipulate others with your feelings. Feelings are a gift from God.

Love your feelings

Tired of New Year’s Resolutions? 5 S.M.A.R.T Goals

Are you tired of New Year’s Resolutions that are vague? Unclear resolutions will just leave you flat-footed for the year ahead. Set S.M.A.R.T. goals.

7 Ways that Imperfect Families Celebrate a Perfect God on Christmas

Have you every spent so much time trying to capture the perfect photo that you miss the moment? No matter how the picture looks, there are no perfect families. This Christmas don’t be distracted by your imperfections. Instead celebrate the One Perfect God who came to earth as a baby boy.

Celebrate Perfect God