Fear Puts God on Trial

When we are fearful or anxious we are declaring that we can’t fully trust in God to care about the details of our lives.

Fear, anxiety, intimidation are part of the family of the enemy. Satan’s schematic for your life is that you will be constantly stressed, uncertain, and hesitant about your daily lie. He snares you through your desire to please man more than God.

Sin starts when I partner with fear. It’s not a sin to feel anxiety, its when I embrace dread that it poisons the perspective of my mind.

If we don’t replace fear with faith, we will be led down the dangerous path of unbelief and disobedience. Unbelief accuses God at His very essence. It puts God on trial to prove Himself while denying the undeniable evidence all around.

To engage in prayer is to declare war on the demonic forces of intimidation that accuse God. These accusations can come as subtle thoughts against the power of God. Fear will manifest as insecurity, concern, despair, doubt dread, horror, panic, agitation, unease, fright, and terror.

If you are struggling with some sort of anxiety in your life, you can know without a doubt that worry has come from the enemy.

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity,

but of power, love, and self-discipline.” 2 Timothy 1:6

Many of us do not fulfill the call of God on our lives because we are shackled by timidity. Every time we try to move forward, the devil uses intimidation to try to stop us.

Doubt will make you want to stand still and hesitate. Anxiety accuses God for every difficult thing that you have experienced in your life. We let doubth have power over us when we try to self protect and not experience pain. The dread of lack, failure, rejection, or abandonment take hold in our lives if we haven’t thoroughly invited God in to help us overcome emotional pain and loss.

You and I need to learn to step out and obey God in spite of panic. Sometimes, you have to do what God says even when you feel afraid.

5 Ways to Get Rid of Your Fear

1. Get Rid of Fear with Faith

2. Get Rid of Fear with Trust

3. Get Rid of Fear with Truth

4. Get Rid of Fear with Boldness

5. Get Rid of Fear with Action

Fearless Faith

I wrote this ebook as a simple guide on how to walk in fearless faith. Click the picture to download your copy.

To have fearless faith does not mean that you don’t experience concern. It means that you face your anxieties and overcome them with faith.

I would love to hear comments about how faith has impacted your life. What new unknown territories are you walking into that require faith?