Christian Parenting is Founded on HOPE

Imagine the horror if you were Mary, the mother of Jesus, watching your son’s slow, painful death. You could barely stand by your son on that terrible never-ending day. Hearing the sound of the whip rip out chunks of your son’s flesh. Seeing the blood drip from His body as they mounted the cross on His shoulders. Smelling the scent of death in the sweat of your precious son as He carried the cross.

You can’t stop them from torturing Him. You can’t stop them from mocking Him. You are a mom who has no control over the outcome. You aren’t strong enough to carry the cross for Him. You are powerless and can’t prevent your son from dying. Mary was a mom who felt agonizing pain.

When you are at your lowest point and people around you can’t truly understand the searing pain of your situation. There is One who knows your pain. There is One who can comfort you. There is One who can guide you. There is One who will not let this trial be your final chapter.

HOPE for Eternity

What ever you are going through with your children, remember there is hope. If you feel hopeless, there is a lie that is clouding your perspective. For christian parents, our hope is anchored in Jesus triumphing over the cross.

Jesus was placed in the tomb, but He didn’t stay there. He rose from the dead. He conquered the grave. He took away the sting of searing loss.

So take your most difficult and draining parenting issue and remind yourself that there is HOPE. An older wiser grammy will say in her elderly voice “This too shall pass.” Believe this wisdom. Difficult situations will pass.

Let the foundation of your hope be founded on the work of Christ, rather than the work of your hands. Where your efforts fall short, His efforts do not.

Sue Detweiler

Sue Detweiler



Sue Detweiler is a mother of six, author, speaker, and radio host with over 25 years of experience in leadership, ministry, and education.