Have you ever felt trapped?

Feeling trapped often prompts us to blame someone else for our plight. You may blame your kids. You may blame your husband, who gets to go to work every day. Or if your husband stays home, you may still blame him because you have to work. You think back to when you had prayed for a child. You asked God for this. Ugh! If you had If you had only known about the constant frustrations. Listen to this encouragement from Healing Rain Radio:

Stop a moment, and give thanks. You are not trapped. You are free every day to serve God with a good attitude. Turn it around by giving thanks.

If that’s you today, take a moment and let worship fill your heart and mind. When you give thanks, you concentrate on God’s goodness. Take a moment to worship right now with this song by Matt Redman:

10,ooo Reasons to Give Thanks

Having a grateful heart and attitude opens up God’s possibilities and opportunities into your daily life. When you look up in praise and thanksgiving you no longer hang your head low in negativity. We are transformed in God’s presence and no longer trapped by human limitations.

Giving Thanks is a Healthy Habit of the Heart

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves of those healthy habits that bring joy into our lives. If you would like immediate access of a list of healthy habits I like to live by, click the button.Get List of Healthy Habits

An Attitude of Gratitude Increases Your Latitude

The quickest way to a joy-filled day is to praise God. When we fill our minds and hearts with gratitude we are no longer blaming others for their short-comings. Other’s are drawn to our positive faith filled perspective. They want to be around us because they feel encouraged and strengthened to be who God has called them to be.

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Encouragement for Your Marriage

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