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Empty Arms (Link up)

Empty Arms

Do You Know Someone with Empty Arms? “‘I’m not picking up a heartbeat, Pam. There doesn’t appear to be any fetal movement. I think the baby is dead.’ In disbelieve my emotions began to run wild and unchecked….” Hear Pam Vredevelt‘s heart in this video: Overcoming Pain and Loss The emotional aftermath of losing a […]

Childlike Faith (Link up)

Do you have childlike faith for what you need? One year our daughter Angela longed to take ballet so together we prayed for ballet slippers. The next week we just happened to find ballet slippers in her exact size at a garage sale. You could see faith in her little eyes. Then God put it […]

How to Rock Your Marriage in 2016

Life-Giving Marriage

Rock Your Marriage in 2016 I don’t know about you, but I don’t want our marriage to be dry, old, and boring. I want our marriage to rock-and-roll with health, vigor and vitality. I want our marriage to be adventurous and fun. I want our marriage to have the sizzle of great sex and the […]

Unexpected Kindness #LifeGivingLinkup

Unexpected Kindness

Unexpected Kindness This morning I nagged at my husband about the laundry. I really had nothing to complain about, he was doing the laundry, just not how I wanted it done. Have you ever done this… demanded your own way…. Have you kept record of wrong? Have you become impatient for someone to live up […]

Dream Again! – Sue Detweiler – #LifeGivingLinkup

Dream again

Dream Again! How do you deal with disappointment? We all have situations where we are disappointed. In this short video I share a time my daughter was disappointed when she was young. Watch this: Hope that Doesn’t Disappoint All of us, like Angela, go through times of being disappointed. Our perspective of what was going […]