10 Simple Ways to Say “I Love You”

It’s the simple ways to say “I love you”, that sometimes mean the most. Here’s a few to put into practice in your relationship:

Give Specific Encouragement

Have you ever noticed that speaking the right word, in the right moment, brings great joy! Take a deep breath in and think about what is most precious about the one you love. If you have a journal, jot it down. Add a descriptive adjective, and you are ready!  Here’s one that I love about my husband.

I love how thoughtful you are. It amazes me that you take the time to keep our cars in working condition. I’m so thankful for your skill and expertise with cars.

Brag in Front of Loved Ones

Bragging in front of others about my husband began with a conviction in my heart. You see, I had trouble tearing down my husband in my mind so of course it came out. In chapter 1 of 9 Traits of a Life-Giving Marriage I tell the story of my transformation.Download Here

After this God-Encounter I began to speak positively about Wayne to everyone. It had a huge impact on our marriage! He felt respected, and I began to meditate on all the good things about my husband (rather than his flaws).

Practice “Present Love.”

It so easy to be thinking about a problem with the kids or at work, that you aren’t really present.

Be present. Cheer at the super-bowl game. Laugh at his jokes (even if you heard them before). Laughing is good for you. Sometimes you need to just honestly notice what makes your spouse so amazing.

Serve in a Way that will Stand Out

What task is on the bottom of your list, that is on the top of their list?  One way to show that you love them is to complete the “honey-do” list. When I was a young mom, laundry was over-whelming me. I asked my husband to help. There he was in the laundry room, and I found myself getting turned on.

Drop a Memory into a Conversation

One way to stoke the fires of love is to remember doing something together. Our special time is around our anniversary. So just writing this blog, I’m starting to picture the beauty of the Colorado Mountains. Your conversation can be:

Honey, remember how much fun it was to drive up the Mountains in Colorado last year for our anniversary? What would be fun to do together this year?

Ask about the Day, and Pray specifically about it.

I love texting. What a simple way to keep in touch with the one you love moment by moment. 10 Simple ways to say I love you 2 the one you love

Choose to View Quirks as endearing, not annoying.

This is tough I know. There are probably things about your spouse that are driving your crazy. (If you have been married to them long enough). If this is bugging you right now, read the first chapter 9 Traits of a Life-Giving Marriage. Download Here

Say “Yes”

Wow! The word “YES” is so powerful. If you say as many “yes’s” as you can, than the “no’s” don’t overwhelm the conversation. In other words, be positive and not negative. 

Turn Complaints into Compliments

There’s a way to communicate concerns in a positive way. Think of it as a sandwich. The top piece of bread is a compliment, something that you noticed this week. The meat of the sandwhich is the concern that you share. The bottom piece of bread is another compliment. 

Express Appreciation Specifically and Aloud

It’s so wonderful to know that you are appreciated and valued. You don’t just say “I love you” on your wedding day. You need to say “I love you” every day in these 10 simple Ways.

I would love to hear from you!

9 Traits of a lIfe-giving marriage by Sue Detweiler