Help for the Overwhelmed Mom

Every mom has been overwhelmed at some point in her life. For me it started soon after the birth of my first born daughter Rachel Joy. I share some of the tough things on this recent interview on Cornerstone Television Network:

If you feel pushed to your edge as a mom, be encouraged that you are not alone. Stay connected to the Life-Giver who will encourage you and strengthen you every day. Here are a few things to remember when you are feel stressed:

Be Kind to Yourself

If you are finding yourself in the middle of a pressure-cooker-life and feel like you are about to blow your lid, relieve some of the pressure by being kind to yourself.

What is it you enjoy doing? Do you like to take a bubble bath? Build it into your day. Do you like to read a book? Take it into your bathtub with you. Is there a mother’s day out that can take your children once or twice a week if you are a stay-at-home mom?

If you are a working mom, chances are you feel double-guilt and double-pressure. You feel pressured while at work because you aren’t with your children. You feel pressured at home when you are getting all your work done. One of the ways you can be kind to yourself is not to put yourself through the guilt trip. God will help you find life-giving strategies to pour into your children.

Build Purposeful Relationships with Moms

Take time to build loving relationships with other moms. After taping the interview at the Cornerstone Television Network, Anna Frye, one of the hosts of Real Life, invited me to share with a MOPS group where she serves as a mentoring mom. MOPS stands for “Mother’s of Preschoolers” and there are groups all over the nation. Moms have built loving relationships with other moms who have helped them in their journey.

Another ministry that is helping to build relationships between moms was founded by Stephanie Shott. The Mom’s Initiative is founded by mother’s on a mission to mentor other mothers. They have a desire to reach a million moms for Christ.

If you desire to be mentored or to mentor other moms, get connected through purposeful relationships. My book 9 Traits of a Life-Giving Mom is set up as a mentoring resource. Pray about using it to start of mom’s group in your church or neighborhood. Get your copy today and share it with a friend!