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Be Encouraged (Linkup)

Be encouraged #Lookup

Be Encouraged Have you ever found your head hanging down after being disappointed or struggling with a difficult problem? When I feel this way, I am encouraged by these words: 3 But you, O Lord, are a shield around me;     you are my glory, the one who holds my head high. 4 I cried out to the […]

Crystal Clear Vision (Link Up)

Crystal Clear Vision Do you find yourself hesitating or holding back? Confidence, boldness, and grace flow from a crystal clear vision. Click To Tweet Unclear vision and a lack of passion can cause you to hesitate and hold back. Click To Tweet  Knowing clearly who God is and who you are in Christ will clarify […]

Jesus Calls Us Deeper (Link Up)

Jesus Calls Us Deeper God calls us to get in over our heads… Launching out into the deep requires you go deeper in your faith, hope, and trust in God.* Launching Out into the Deep Jesus called Peter to be his disciple on a rough day.  Peter and his companions had been out all night […]

5 Ways to Get Rid of Fear #FearlessFaith

Fear Puts God on Trial When we are fearful or anxious we are declaring that we can’t fully trust in God to care about the details of our lives. Fear, anxiety, intimidation are part of the family of the enemy. Satan’s schematic for your life is that you will be constantly stressed, uncertain, and hesitant […]

The Battle of the Sexes

The Battle of the Sexes in marriage

The Battle of the Sexes The Battle of the sexes brings discord in our homes. God has made us to live in harmony rather than strife. The battle of the sexes is a disagreement or fight for power between a man and a woman. The enemy stages these attacks against us by whispering thoughts in our […]

Honesty in Marriage needs to be Anchored by Self-control

honesty in marriage

Honesty in Marriage Requires Self-Control You and I have the ammunition to blow up our marriage every day. Not only do you know your spouses weaknesses, you know what triggers their own vulnerabilities. You can either build up your spouse or you can tear them to shreds. Honesty is key to every relationship. It’s important […]