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The Power of Acceptance in Marriage – Sue Detweiler

The Power of acceptance in marriage

The Power of Acceptance in Marriage Every human being is woven together by God in a unique way. You can either magnify your spouse’s weaknesses, thereby causing strife with your scrutiny, or you can accept who God made them to be. I struggled with accepting Wayne early on in our marriage. Here is his testimony […]

5 Stupid Questions Women Ask Man

9 Traits of a Life-Giving Marriage

Be Stable and Strong in your Home After gaining a great deal of weight in my journey towards menopause, I find myself struggling with body image in a new way. My body simply isn’t the same as it was when it was younger. It has thrown me off-kilter. I seem to be dealing with some […]

How to Build a Marriage that Lasts

How to Build a Marriage that Lasts

A Marriage That Lasts Have you every wondered what the secret was to be happily married?  Have you wanted to find out how you could have a marriage like that? Shaunti Fieldhahn has spent 15 years researching what we need to know about men, women and relationships. Listen to her short video: 5 Habits of […]