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Amazing Love

Amazing Love Jesus was known for hanging around those with a poor reputation. At one point the Pharisees criticized him for hanging out with “scum.” Jesus response put them in their place. Jesus said, “Healthy people don’t need a doctor—sick people do” (Matthew 9:12 NLT). Jesus always meets us in with the perfect balance of […]

Inspirational Quotes – Love Never Fails

Inspirational Quotes

Day 4 Inspirational Quotes A Life-Giving Mom rejoices in truth. She never gives up. 
She never loses faith. She is always full of hope. She endures through every circumstance. Her love never fails when it is anchored in the Life-Giving, Love-Extending Power of God. Learning Endurance With the help of God and by the grace […]

Inspiring Women Interview with Susan Heid

The Confident Mom

Inspiring Women – “The Confident Mom” All moms have struggled at times with their own lack of confidence. You may have found yourself hesitant or unsure when faced with the unknowns of motherhood. Susan Heid has built an online community of moms who feel safe to be real with each other. I met Susan Heid […]

Inspiring Women Interview with Patrick & Angela Howell

Inspiring Women

Inspiring Women Interview: As a result of their journey together and individually, Patrick and Angela Howell are the founders of the new heart-seeking series A LIFE WORTH HAVING,  combining the best personal development techniques, healing practices and fulfillment strategies into one, life-changing program, where they also reveal their secrets to experiencing rewarding relationships. It is truly a BLUEPRINT FOR […]

Inspiring Women to Overcome! Sue Detweiler

Sue Detweiler

Inspiring Women It may be a few days early to start celebrating Mother’s Day, but I was interviewed by Wayne Shepherd on FIRST PERSON. Listen here to the interview  In our FIRST PERSON interview, I tell the story of being home alone with 5 week old Rachel when an arsonist set fire to the home […]

Christian Parenting Is Founded on Hope

Christian Parenting is founded on Hope

Christian Parenting is Founded on HOPE Imagine the horror if you were Mary, the mother of Jesus, watching your son’s slow, painful death. You could barely stand by your son on that terrible never-ending day. Hearing the sound of the whip rip out chunks of your son’s flesh. Seeing the blood drip from His body […]