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The Best Valentine’s Day Gift!

The Best Valentine’s Day Gift The best Valentine’s Day gift you can give is a relationship that lasts.  For Valentine’s Day Weekend ONLY you can give 9 Traits of a Life-Giving Marriage: How to Build a Marriage that Lasts… the ebook is only $.99 this weekend and the book is $9.99. Buy Here! As a couple, you […]

The Battle of the Sexes

The Battle of the Sexes in marriage

The Battle of the Sexes The Battle of the sexes brings discord in our homes. God has made us to live in harmony rather than strife. The battle of the sexes is a disagreement or fight for power between a man and a woman. The enemy stages these attacks against us by whispering thoughts in our […]

How to Build a Marriage That Lasts

Build a marriage that lasts

How to Build a Marriage that Lasts Everyone wants to build a marriage that lasts, but constant pressure can squeeze out the joy in a marriage. The stress of life can push our emotions and our relationships to the breaking point. Well-placed faith fuels our endurance. But please know, this race isn’t about survival; it’s about experiencing God’s […]

The Secret to Better Sex in Marriage

The Secret to Better Sex in Marriage How can we have better sex in a Christian marriage?  During a premarital seminar we attended, I remember a man saying, “In the beginning, we weren’t very good at making love.” However, he also encouraged, “You get better at it.” That man was right. As my husband and […]

Honesty in Marriage needs to be Anchored by Self-control

honesty in marriage

Honesty in Marriage Requires Self-Control You and I have the ammunition to blow up our marriage every day. Not only do you know your spouses weaknesses, you know what triggers their own vulnerabilities. You can either build up your spouse or you can tear them to shreds. Honesty is key to every relationship. It’s important […]

Friendship is the Wind in Our Sails

friendship in Marriage

Friendship is the Wind in Our Sails Marriage thrives on friendship. The joy of sailing through life together. Yet most couples are not prepared for the reality that although 80% of the time you will have “smooth-sailing” — 20% of the time you will experience “rough seas.”  Watch this short video. Friendship helps you hold […]

Building a Life-Giving, Spirit-Filled Marriage

Building a Life-Giving Spirit-Filled Marriage I went on a date with my husband over the weekend. We went to see the movie “Woodlawn.” Set in the early 70’s it tells the story of a Football Coach and the newly forced integration of his football team. Starting out with race riots, the team allowed an evangelist […]