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5 Ways to Grow Spiritually with Your Spouse

5 Ways to grow spiritually with your spouse

5 Ways to Grow Spiritually with Your Spouse Being married is an adventure. Let’s face it; we each bring habits and expectations into a marriage. None of us is perfect. I know I fall short; all of us do. Growing spiritually with your spouse is not about being perfect, it’s about enjoying the journey. Click […]

10 Simple Ways to Say “I Love You”

10 Simple Ways to Say "I love you" by Sue Detweiler

10 Simple Ways to Say “I Love You” It’s the simple ways to say “I love you”, that sometimes mean the most. Here’s a few to put into practice in your relationship: Give Specific Encouragement Have you ever noticed that speaking the right word, in the right moment, brings great joy! Take a deep breath […]

How to Turn Your Marriage Around in 2018

How to Turn Your Marriage Around No matter where you are in your marriage relationship, with God’s grace you can turn your marriage around in 2018. I don’t know a couple who hasn’t experienced cycles of sin in their relationship. Remember, individually and corporately, the power of this verse: But if we are living in […]

A Father’s Love for His Prodigal Children


The Father-God Love for the Prodigal Our father watches, waits and longs for His prodigal children to come home. His heart hurts when we are separated from His presence. He longs for the intimacy that He had with us, when we walked with Him in the original garden. When Jesus came, He came to show […]

5 Things You Can Do Now to Get Ready for Christmas

Get ready for Christmas

Get Ready for Christmas This morning before worship, we took our daughter to breakfast. As I looked up from my omelet, who would be walking in the door of Snug on the Square in Mckinney Texas, but Santa Clause himself. Sadly, Santa was walking in a little bit lost. He asked for directions. Have you ever felt […]

Empty Arms (Link up)

Empty Arms

Do You Know Someone with Empty Arms? “‘I’m not picking up a heartbeat, Pam. There doesn’t appear to be any fetal movement. I think the baby is dead.’ In disbelieve my emotions began to run wild and unchecked….” Hear Pam Vredevelt‘s heart in this video: Overcoming Pain and Loss The emotional aftermath of losing a […]